How can i learn gipy language

How Can I Learn Gypsy Language
How can i learn gipy language

How Can I Learn Gypsy Language
How Can I Learn Gypsy Language

How can i learn gipy language

learn gipsy language

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This page is made for those interested in the culture of Gypsies / Roma and their language!

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How Can I Learn Gypsy Language .com

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Learn Gypsy

Our organization is headquartered in the Netherlands and organizes Romany language courses in Romania. If you are interested in Romani language summer courses and in a holiday to Romania contact us!

Summer courses are intensive and you can choose from 3 levels: 3 weeks (level 1, level 2 or level 3). The 3 levels are: Beginner - level 1, intermediate - level 2 and advanced (master) - Level 3. Courses are held and professionally coordinated by Professor Gheorghe Sarau, PhD (Professor at the University of Bucharest). The teachers forming his team, at all levels, are Romani language teachers.

Summer courses are held in various places in Romania, especially in tourist places, most often in youth tourist city Costinesti, a beautiful place on the Black Sea Side (v. Photos of the city)

Information on costs:

Access to the classroom is free by teachers’ generosity. Each participant seeks and pays individually his/her accommodation in locality. We do not provide room and board. The course is held in the city of Costinesti, on Black Sea shore.
Classes will take place 6 days a week (including Saturday), from 02:00 p.m. to 08:00 p.m. (6 hours per day).

Regardless of the degree of language knowledge, courses begin through an internship for beginners that lasts 2 weeks, it is continued - depending on the level – by a two weeks mid-level or advanced course (translation technique and practice for advanced students)

Total costs depend very much on where you want to stay. If you tell us what you want we can try to do the proper booking - additional costs will go from 280-315 euros per week for food and accommodation, and you can stay in hostels or 1, 2, 3 stars hotels, caravan, camping, it's your choice! You can handle the booking by yourself or we can do it for you! Costs depend on the availability of hotels and lodgings that will suit your needs.

This year courses:

22.08.2016 - 06.09. 2016


The courses take place every day, 6 hours / day, usually from 14:00 to 20:30 so that in the morning students can go to the beach, where they can also do their homework.

Depending on the weather (if it is not sunny, but this is an unlikely thing!) courses can be moved in the morning hours (between 8:15 15:30)

You will have a lot of time off in the morning to visit nearby places, you can go to the beach and enjoy the holiday. In the evening you can go with a group of students and listen Gypsy musicians playing at local bars, you can have a drink and relax.

The purpose of this course is to give you a first impression and a solid Romany language and grammar basis, increase your vocabulary and learn more about Gypsy / Roma / Romany culture.

We look forward to hearing from you and you are invited to register at our Romany summer courses!  
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Tel: 0031 - 6 - 82791374

About Us

Roma political party supports equal opportunities for all people on the planet. The political party is involved in social and cultural creative solutions for a multi-national modern society.

Our organization relies on funding from other businesses that we have and geneous donations from our sponsors. We do not have operating costs that we charge for our services.

below, and on the home page, you can read more about the Romany language summer courses that we organize.

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